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July 5th: Trump Travels, Congress Avoids Health Care Discussions
by Countable
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  • Dee

    Health care: Because we promised to repeal and replace: That is the reason the Republicans say the ACA must go, not because you are concerned and truly want to help and make things better, it's your agenda that you care about. It is your parties fault that the ACA not working. YOU HAVE MADE INSURANCE COMPANIES UNSTABLE AND HAVE BEEN PULLING OUT. Even if you pass a bill it will not correct the real problems and insurance premiums, copays and deductibles will continue to go up. You have to fix what is broken. High prescription costs, doctor visits and hospital stays need to be addressed. Only then will we have good insurance. Scrap what you have, and repair the ACA or better yet go with single payer. Everyone would have coverage and it would be cheaper. People must have insurance that people can afford and covers essentials and preexisting conditions. Do you have the courage to actually correct the real problems or is it going to be BECAUSE WE SAID WE WOULD REPEAL AND REPLACE. Are you going to help your constituents or hurt them? Senator Cotton, you are helping to write the bill. Where do you stand? With us or Against us? We will soon find out!


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