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July 3: Democracy Wants You!
by Countable
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  • Brad

    In comparison to the long eight years we went thru with Obama the last six months has been refreshing. It’s nice to see our new President working so hard at bringing back American jobs in the USA & stopping them from leaving in droves to other countries as they did under the Obama administration. Our economy is finally making a big turn around, we are finally doing something about illegal immigration which is completely out of control, and our military is getting the support they need. Of course there are so many other positive changes that have taken place since Pres. Trump took office, but I don’t have time to mention them all. It’s sad the main stream media has spent over 85 percent of its time on air trying to find ways to bring down a President. Unfortunately the media has managed to brainwash a large portion of our country with their lies, twisting of the facts, ext, ext. If the press spent more time talking about all the positive things the President has done you would not see this level of hatred. You are not born hating your taught hatred, and I hold the mainstream liberal press fully responsible for what we see going on in our country today.

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