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Top Republicans on Trump's Tweets: "Please Just Stop"
by Countable
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  • Jeff

    I say let him keep going. He is saying what all republicans want to say, but don't have the guts. Keep going, Orange Judas. Show everyone what the Republican Party is really about. Spew your hate and vitriol. Regurgitate the lies you conjure from the seething cesspool between your deaf ears. Show the world that it doesn't take intelligence to become successful. With $Millions inherited to create a legacy of lies and cheats, anyone can become the leader of the free world. ANYONE. In a land where money is God, and people don't matter, human garbage can slither to the surface and rule over the weak and the ignorant. I say keep going until the majority shouts ENOUGH! And cast out the Trumps, the McConnells, the Ryans, and all the ones who have poisoned our great democracy. Run out the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the Jones', and all others who shout lies and hatred to divide us and break us down. Only when the oppressors have been defeated can we emerge into a greater society. One free of greed, hate, and lies. Then we will be free.

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