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BREAKING: Donald Trump Wins the Electoral College
by Countable
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  • Eric

    You liberals are such pant wetters!!! Just calm down... forget the propaganda you were force-fed by the media during the election and the nonsense you learned from your socialist college professors and you will realize he's not as scary or nearly as bad for our liberty and freedom as the "H word" would have been. She and all her friends in the media did a heck of a job scaring the sheep in this country. Stop being sheep and relax. It will be an interesting 4 years. I'm very optimistic and so is the majority of our country. And stop bringing up the popular vote! The popular vote is used in places like Cuba and Venezuela and look how it's working out for them! Thank God all the people imported into California from Third World countries that don't have a clue about what America is all about weren't able to override the will of the majority of states. It's so funny how they come from screwed up countries because they know this is the greatest country on earth but they have a no clue why our country is so great so they insist on making it more like the hell hole they came from. How stupid is that?

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