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Senate Debates Nomination of Emergency Management Consultant Brock Long to Head FEMA
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    The Trump administration has cut funding for NOAA and further development of advanced weather imaging satellites. If this person is willing to be publicly considered for this position, I suspect it's only because he wants to turn over all FEMA functions to private contractors whose subcontracted "employees" won't even qualify for workers' compensation if they are injured in the dangerous conditions and cleanup/mitigation projects that will inevitably follow the natural disasters we won't even be able to predict with anything approaching modern scientific or technological insight. I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, and you had all better hope something similar never happens to you under the watch of anyone associated with the Trump administration. And I thought Bush & Brownie were bad: at least neither of them actually spoke with pride of being anti-science in addition to their already-obvious disregard for those whose homes, loved ones, communities, and even lives were destroyed by so-called natural disasters resulting from unregulated, under-researched depredations on the environment caused by allowing business interests to disrupt our planet's natural processes for maintaining healthy ecosystems of all kinds. Yes, it CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

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