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Trump Issues Executive Orders to Start Border Wall, Punish Sanctuary Cities
by Countable
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  • Kirsten

    Please please PLEASE hear all of the voices that are opposed to this wall. We as a country can not afford it - both literally & figuratively. Building this wall will not save lives, it will end them. It will alienate not only Mexico but foreign allies worldwide. It will tear apart families, foster anger, resentment, and financial hardship - all known contributing factors to acts of violence. We need to consider the health and safety of all American families - not just the ones who were born here - from every angle. In addition, it's clear that Trumps plan for this wall will be to divert funds from much needed government programs, thus forcing Americans to pay for services privately that they will no longer have assistance paying for. WE are paying for this wall, no matter what anyone says about making Mexico pay for it eventually, and WE don't want this wall.


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