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Survey: Is Mueller Right to Investigate Trump for Obstruction of Justice?
by Countable
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  • Rosemary

    Mueller is absolutely correct to investigate obstruction of justice. That charge is tangential to the investigation of how exactly the Russians involved themselves in influencing the election and IF there was willing involvement by any Americans. The investigation didn't start at the door of the Trump campaign - the investigation started simply because it became apparent from intelligence services that interference and manipulation occurred. Unexplained coincidences of contact between Trump affiliates/campaign members/Trump family members and Russian representatives brought some focus (rightfully so) of the investigation towards those people. All of that seems very straightforward to me. It's an investigation, investigations follow threads - it's not personal. President Trump made it personal, by characterizing it that way, by being unprepared that as President or as a highly placed campaign or administration official - EVERYTHING is looked at through a magnifying glass. President Trump has been unable to focus on his actual job as he dwells and foments on what should have been simply an investigation that would begin, reach conclusions, and end. As an American, I don't buy the notion that this brilliant businessman billionaire's lack of governmental experience is an excuse for not understanding how the three branches balance and check each other. It's his JOB to learn the protocols of being President and abide by them - especially with respect to investigations that have to do with safe-guarding our entire governmental process. No one forced him to engage in suspiciously obstructionist behavior. It's his own lack of self control that brought that to his door. It is quite possible no proof of collusion will be found in the election interference investigation. That possible result does NOT, however, excuse his personal behavior or resolve the obstruction investigation. Two. Separate. Issues. A person can be suspected but completely innocent of committing a crime and yet be completely guilty of misleading/stonewalling/obscuring or obstructing investigation of the crime.

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