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BREAKING: Shooter Hits Congressman, Police Officers
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  • Kathy

    ASSULTING GOP WITH GUNS AND DEATH THREATS ARE NOT THE ANSWER! ITS STUPID, COWARDLY, NOT AMERICAN! Every American knows it's God first! Humanity second. Political party third. Anyone who shows up with a gun with intent to kill over enforcing their own personal agenda, does not belong to God, humanity, or party and should get the hell out of our country. On the other hand, let us reintegrate the need for stronger gun laws, the need not to reverse Obama's gun laws on the elder, the need to make mental health care stronger and covered, and the need for the political temperature to tone down. Election years do run tolls on the American people that usually calm down after January 20, for awhile. This last election year is still going strong, fear of unknown, nothing stable, name calling, and twitter. The American people feel like we are standing in front of a firing squad and any minute the trigger is going to be pulled, and our health care will be gone leaving us to die. Or we will loose everything because we have to pay our taxes. Our our cities will be lost, covered in water because we couldn't take care of our environment. Yes I pray for those who were injured. And I continue to pray for those who are in control of human lives know it, treat it values as such, and know this isn't a business adventure. It's not about money, human lives have no cost. And yes, we are our brothers keeper. And Congress have been called to do so.


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