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Sessions to be Grilled on Russia & Recusal
by Countable
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  • FreeToBeMe

    Representatives, please don't get bogged down with defense of a witch hunt and go forward with true investigations of the OA and the Muslim brotherhood, Uma and her family, Obama Sending Iran money, Clinton Foundation, AG Lynch, Clinton emails, Clinton desecrated phones, servers, laptops. Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, Corrupt VA, Iran deal, Clinton Foundation not revealing Saudi donations, Bill Clinton getting millions for speeches after donations to foundations, Lynch and Bill meeting on tarmac, Lynch telling Comey to refer to investigation as a "matter" and he DID! The only way all of this will stop is to go after the real criminals!! Need I go on? We are all extremely frustrated. If you let this and the Leakers as well go, then we are back to a country with no consequences.

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