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Sessions to be Grilled on Russia & Recusal
by Countable
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  • Gail

    Jeff Sessions lied on his application to be Attorney General both factually and by omissions! Watch Al Franken's detailed testimony on this during the nomination hearings. Every Senator who voted for him despite his dishonesty is responsible in part for this cabinet of weakly-charactered ass-kissers who cannot stand up to Trump and, therefore, in their silence, stand with him or for him. I predict Sessions will continue to fabricate and weasel out of this because a leopard doesn't change its spots for stripes. Only an honorable man would own up and we have yet to see one in Trump's chosen. I implore the Congress to reinstate the Special Prosecutor if Trump impulsively fires him and get this investigation honestly and thoroughly done. Stop talking about the Constitution and act to protect it and live by it.

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