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WATCH: James Comey Testified Before the Senate
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    Comey just spelled out all out. He showed no expressions of retaliation. He did show honesty. Example: trump said "I hope you can find your way", was a threat. It was the look on trumps face. Of which no one else can see. So under oath, Comey can only tell the truth as his only proof. Furthermore, Comey asked Sessions not to leave him alone with trump. Comey had already been threatened, it needed a witness or it needed to stop. It was NOT Comey's place to teach trump the do's and don't in the presidents office. it was not Comey's job to teach President 101 to White House staff. Furthermore, if trump ran everybody out the the room, including Sessions why didn't Session's say something, "hum no trump, you don't have private meetings with the FBI director without me, unless say the building is on fire, such as 911, or I'm in the potty at which time you can wait. But no Sessions didn't say anything, so I am assuming everybody knew what was going on. France looked like strong winners when they won their election. We look like idiots. I beg my friends in other countries to please forgive us, and try not to laugh so hard. Why would ISIS come here when we are so busy destroying each other. They would be wasting their time and money.

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