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Is YOUR State's Voting System Under Cyber-Attack?
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    This is a no brainer, come on. To many times in Columbia SC reports of machines turning off, lines to long all the way up to 7 pm with projected winners at 7:10. I know for a fact, I was in that line, had been for 2 hours to put my vote in against Nikki Haley. I was pissed, she was projected winner @ 7:10 pm, declared at 7:15pm. I'm still in line. I know of poll workers who swear they will not ever help or volunteer again because of all the shenanigans they witnessed. We just heard of the NSA leak that specifically inquired of the Russians hacking into the system. And idiots are going after her for leaking, I thank her. She is a true Air Force, fighting for what's right in this country. Put her in jail, I want to donate to her legal fees! And anybody else that can come up with the truth. But then again, what do we do with the truth? Don't know bout y'all, but I'm feeling the enemy is the GOP, because they don't want to be man enough to do anything with the truth. The entire White House needs to be wiped out. So what we sanction Russia, big fu**ing deal. I'm sure they can't quit laughing long enough to even notice. This election was rigged! That still leaves this country with nothing, this country with an idiot liar thief confused uneducated social media narcissistic ding bat at the realm! When the big picture is looked at, come on look at it with me, they sat there for 8 years, told Obama I'm not doing one damn thing, not one. And they didn't. And the election came up, and what happened, GOP won, just to erase every single thing Obama did. But there is one, just one promise trump made, term limits. Has that SOB touch that issue, why hell no. This is not going to get fixed until the entire GOP party goes down, nonexistent. And it's going to take every single American to do it. Voting needs to be done by hand, counting under camera. Gerrymandering needs to be outlawed. This state, Republican. Why? Because people get great educations here, then leave the state. The highest electoral vote comes from an area of only 3% are college educated. They only understand the sky is falling. People need to be educated, not barked at. Votes need to be protected, not pushed out into lala land never to be counted. The GOP needs to be held accountable, and get out! I just can not understand why we are still asking questions. Something should have already been done.

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