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What Questions Do You Want Congress to Ask James Comey?
by Countable
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  • Darrell

    I do not want any questions asked Of Comey. I view this whole matter ridiculous. It is a witch hunt against Trump by petulant Democrats who are still angry and cannot accept the fact that their candidate lost the election. It is a waste of taxpayers money and it is cronyism at it's best. You have RHINO'S and country club, elitist Republicans who despise Trump as they also did Reagan when he ran for the presidency. It is nothing more than b.s. partisan politics . There is nothing to find here, and I want Trump to be able to move forward to start to help to reverse all of the economic and other damages that the Obama administration inflicted upon our country. I want less government interference and I want the economy to grow by revamping the current, stupid tax system.

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