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What You Need to Know Before Comey's Historic Testimony Thursday
by Countable
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  • Julie

    With the beginning of hearings today on Section 702 I hope the Senate will stay focused on what is currently important. Which is the security and safety of US Citizens and our Nation. That said specifically the Democrats to use this time to come forward with more bipartisan participation and get to the bottom of how, when and why the FISA Court was used to unmask individual citizens inappropriately. There will be plenty of time for the FBI Investigation to determine if, how and when any Russian interference or collusion took place in the current administration. To date all indications continue to show there has not been anything that rises to the possibility of impeachment. Stop using your continued bias against this administration to move forward your Political Witch Hunt and get to the business you were elected for, passing bills and fixing policy that is not currently working for the American People. We the American people are watching and will vote appropriately (both sides of the isle) next year to continue showing you first hand WHAT WE WANT!

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