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Trump Withdraws U.S. From Paris Climate Accord, Seeks Renegotiation
by Countable
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  • Jessi

    Donald Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. This will take 4 years, so the good news is the Democrat elected in 2020 will reverse this stupid decision. Sadly, a lot of damage will be done, not so much because of today’s decision alone, but because of the overwhelmingly harmful environmental decisions being made daily by the Trump Administration. Trump’s decision is based on ignorance, the sway of environmental extremists, dishonesty, and gross negligence. This decision: 1. Will not do a thing to bring back coal jobs. They are not returning. Period. End of story. Coal is no longer competitive or efficient, and the world and this country are moving beyond it. 2. Will not serve as a job creator overall either. 3. Will make the U.S. less competitive globally. China and Europe, and possibly India, will take the lead on alternative energy sources and reap the economic benefits of doing so. 4. Will add to the growing number of reasons why Trump has cast the U.S. as no longer being a world leader. That role has been thrown away due to a number of Trump’s decisions, among them his stance on NATO, pulling out of TPP, his erratic, juvenile and buffoonish behavior, his attacks on our allies and cozying up to despots and tyrants, and his bigotry and racism. This is but one more critical failure for the Trump Administration. 5. Will continue a 4 month assault on the environment that is the equivalent of shuttering the CIA, Homeland Security and the FBI. The single greatest threat to our security is climate change. If you are not working to seriously address the issues involved in slowing and reversing climate change, you might as well cease all other security measures. Even war with North Korea would not do the long-term damage that failing to fight climate change will do. 6. Is a sellout to environmental extremists like the Koch brothers. Donald Trump's four plus months sullying the White House with his presence have now done, possibly, irreparable harm to the United States and the world. He has risked our economic standing, damaged our security and disgraced us before the eyes of the world. And he is lying to his supporters, who are mind-numbingly or willfully stupid. Now, states like California and New York must lead this nation in fighting back against this blatantly irresponsible idiocy. Today is a dark day in our nation’s history.


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