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May 29: A Quiet Memorial Day in Washington
by Countable
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  • Kramer

    This may not pertain to the enclosed bills/news of this week. I'd just like to get a jump start on the stupidity and what looks to be as absolute greed in repealing Dodd-frank. I have to grow up in this economy. I'm hesitant on having any children in fear that they'll have to grow up dealing with this biased government voting in favor of the big guys who already own a vast majority of the worlds money. It's absolutely appalling. "To big to fail" is a poisonous idea that needs to be abolished. Keeping those folks from destroying our economy AGAIN should not have even one cheek turned towards them in intrigue. Once again, I am watching my representatives. If you do not stand up for me, as well as all of the other people who hopefully identify this crisis, we will make it a goal to keep you out of office.


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