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President to Decide on Climate Accord
by Countable
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  • Erik

    The US must not pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Remaining in the agreement will provide future generations with a greater likelihood to maintain the American way of life. The Paris agreement has the opportunity to spur economic growth via energy efficiency, smart grid technologies, and renewable energy. Fossil fuels does not equate patriotism. An ever growing portion of our energy economy is comprised of renewables and energy efficiency. The very nature of conserving energy has the root word conservative. This continual push of republicans to ignore the need to conserve is contrary to the very fundamentals of what they should be promoting. Unfortunately the fossil fuel lobby has grabbed a hold of our political institutions and our ability to see a brighter and better future. Please be a part of the solution. Stay in the Paris Climate Agreement for the sake of American jobs and future American generations. Do not give in to special interests and populism.


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