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May 29: A Quiet Memorial Day in Washington
by Countable
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  • Bonnie

    @DmeganR Yes, they are minors, the victims who survived that attack. It's likely the entire community is living in grief right now. We are hearing from them daily as they tell their story of how this horrific crime is affecting all of them. They are holding vigils and trying to fund a way to strengthen their community through finding each other and sharing the pain that is affecting them all. Some have family working out of the country and they are trying to find the words to tell them what happened back home. I urge you all to look for a public facing Facebook page; visit there. If you have words if comfort to share, share them there. If you find the GoFundMe campaign for the two stricken citizens who tried to spare these teens, donate there. This is a link to a resource for those wishing to know what to do to respond safely if you witness such behavior in public: It is a graphic guide to "how to de-escalate public harassment." Thanks for your concern. They need our support.


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