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May 29: A Quiet Memorial Day in Washington
by Countable
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  • Melanie

    I am disgusted by then insensitive oafs that occupy the White House and slobs in Congress who excuse the appalling behavior of the White House. tRump pees on the 1st Amendment with his constant whining. Mulvaney defends tRump's immoral budget cuts citing his poor, poor unborn grandchildren as the reason for why poor kids today can go hungry. Congress keeps excusing tRump because of his lack of experience. BS!! Would anyone in their right mind allow a senior medical student take a scalpel to your kid's brain tumor? Yet we give the nuclear code to a self serving novice? Enough with the excuses. He slashes the budget, depriving kids of food, education opportunities and safety and Melanie trots around Brussels wearing a 51,000 dollar jacket. He won't support NATO or the Paris climate agreement (which would create hundreds if not thousands of jobs) shoves the leader of Monte Negro and leaks classified info. I am so done with this administration and this Congress.

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