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Survey: Did the New CBO Score Change Your Opinion of the AHCA?
by Countable
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  • Dave

    The CBO is the closest thing to a predictable ruse that can be found in our government. This departments ability to come out with an accurate projection is comparable making a rose out of a pigs ear😂❗️Putting that aside, let's call a spade ♠️ a spade ♠️, Obamacare is an Obamanation and for those of you who can understand and grasp "it's imploding before your very eyes" as is even admitted to by every member of the Democratic Party who a can read and actually understand what a disaster they created👎❗️BTW the actual number of people who will lose there insurance is no where near the 23 million the CBO so proudly projected because they did not account for all the people who will be dropping out of the MANDATED coverage foisted upon them by the tax and spend Democratic Party👎💲😡...let common sense reign...END OBAMACARE, the sooner the better👍❗️

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