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White House Moves to Block Ethics Inquiry Into Ex-Lobbyists on Payroll and More in Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Linda

    Where is your backbone to provide oversight to your own party's administration as they stonewall review of ethics violations in their hiring of ex-lobbyists, breaking yet another campaign promise from the "outsider"/billionaire. Between that and a cabinet packed with billionaires, you have shown us who you truly represent. Thank you for showing your true colors of hypocrisy, greed and far right agenda. I am disgusted about new legislation from your party on a daily basis that is intended to make the average American sicker, poorer and less free. I have never been politically active before, but that has changed. I truly believe all of you struck this deal with the President at the beginning: "This is win-win. You make money, we make money. You don't bother us and we won't bother you. Oh yeah, and let's strip the rights of every non-white, non-male group in America for bonus points." And then out came the cigars to celebrate. You may think you can buy your way into remaining in power, I hope we prove you wrong, or our democracy is dead at the feet of plutocrats and ignorance.

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