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Activist Erin Brockovich Mobilizes With Veterans to Bring Attention to Military Base Contamination
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    The military is not covered by EPA regulation and often secretly disposes of pollutants, including known carcinogens and radiated materials without notification of surrounding communities. These pollutants get into ground, not Camp Le Jeune's water pollution litigation that has lasted for decades, migrate through underground water systems. This migration can result in pollutants from any given source traveling miles. Service members from Camp Le Jeune reported cancers, still born, miscarriages , deformities and not only for the men and women in service but their families as well. Not only does the military have many site where dangerous waste has been disposed of but much of the time disposed of improperly exposing serve member to dangerous chemicals and radiation. This is what the Trump Administration wants to expose the general public to as well by cutting the EPA's budget by as much as 35%. Rather than reduce the EPA's budget the military should be included under it's regulatory regulations and laws. The pollutants the military is releasing into our, everyone's, environment can reach us all! How many of us have a member of our family in the military now? How many of them are being exposed to these dangerous chemicals, radiation and carcinogens. Even if they are not married this exposure will stay in their bodies and when they do get married these solders will pass the residual effects on to their dependents. Sometimes it will be genetic and be there possibly for generations.

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