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Trump Would Defund Anti-Opioid Drug Programs
by Countable
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  • Valerie

    As a healthcare provider I have seen the success of MAT for individuals with opioid addiction. It works. It needs to be funded. It is the only way to keep people out of prison or eventually from dying of an OD. These are not "druggies" these are your neighbors, successful people that have become addicted and had their lives destroyed. It can happen to anyone. As a provider on the front lines, I see it everyday. Someone goes in for a routine surgery or they fall and get prescribed pain pills at the ER. They have pain so they continue to get them, and they're hooked, they still need them-is it really the pain or is it addiction? It's not because they are bad people, but their body is physiologically addicted and they need help before it spirals into a bigger problem-or by the time I see them, it already has. We need to help people. Funding treatment is a lot cheaper than the ER visits and jail time for crimes associated with addiction.

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