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What are Your Thoughts on the President Sharing Intelligence with Russian Officials?
by Countable
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  • Susan

    Sigh! We need to appoint a special prosecutor now. How much more has to happen before we do? It's hard for me to watch all that is happening from the Trump Whitehouse. We are becoming a country I don't recognize anymore. Trump praises dictators. He shares classified information with our enemy that puts us at odds with our partners, putting us in grave danger. He continues to show little regard for our institutions, human rights, and anything thing that protects our environment and our world. We won't have to build a wall. Why, we will be isolated from the rest of the free world by his actions. We will not be a shining star of opportunity, freedom and hope but a place that one avoids. We are diminished in the eyes of the world. And to think, Trump has accomplished this in a just few months and he is so proud. We are now greatly damaged. It will take years to get back what has been lost already. If he continues on his course, we may never recover.

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