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Attorney General Sessions Reverses Obama Sentencing Policy and More in Politics Today
by Countable
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  • Julia

    It has come to my attention that AG Jeff Sessions has ordered state prosecutors to pursue tougher charges against non violent drug crimes reversing Obamas administration policies to ease prosecuting drug addicts with harsher penalties and help them get the treatment they need to recover. Everyday the Trump Administration is destroying the progress that has been made in our country to combat that opioid epidemic. I am a Peer to Peer Recovery Specialist with an organization that cooperates with our County Sheriff to combat drug addiction that is taking the lives of so many people daily. This move by Jeff Sessions is yet another devastating action by an administration that is irresponsible and lacking knowledge or understanding of both drug/alcohol addiction and mental illness. This action infuriates me and shows just how inhumane they are. Seriously, they take the big talk about jobs and prosperity but don't want to provide accessible and affordable healthcare so vital to society. Sometimes I just don't feel I live in America anymore!

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