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Lawmakers Call for an Independent Investigation of Russian Meddling
by Countable
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  • Shawn

    The firing of Director Comey is a clear signal that the President is getting concerned about the Russia investigation. The President has now fired three different people involved in this investigation. It screams cover-up. Then the President has the gaul to meet with Russian officials and bars the US media from coverage. How can any true American patriot stand by and let this happen without being gravely concerned? The time for partisanship has ended. It is time for true American patriots to stand up to the blatant abuse of Presidential powers. It is time to hold the President accountable and to get to the bottom of his Russian ties. This is a true threat to our democracy. An independent counsel must be allowed to investigate the Presidents Russian ties and influence. The Presidents actions are going to have dire consequences for our country & the Republican Party.


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