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BREAKING: FBI Director James Comey Fired by President Trump
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    Impeach NOW! Take the entire staff with him. Pence, Ryan, every single person that has backed Trump up, republican or democratic. Funny how Russia quieted down after Trump bombed Syria. Can hear that phone call now - "listen Put, I needed to do this to show we're not bff's like everybody thinks". If Obama had terminated Comey trump would have blown that one threw the roof swearing it was to protect Clinton. No brainer. I just can not understand why Trump has gotten by with so much and we have a full congress standing around going "ok". I know America has never been threw so much, I believe it's worse than 1973, but for gods sake can't somebody do something! Really? What are the opinions? Will it take a complete take over by Russia before something is done?


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