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What’s Next on Trumpcare? It Faces Uphill Battle in Senate
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    I can not understand why the GOP would "promise" to destroy so many people. That's what you are saying when you promise to repeal Obamacare. Mark Stanford, the people trusted you, TRUSTED YOU! When you pulled the tricks you did and left this country not telling no one. Joe Wilson, YOU had absolutely made South Carolina a laughing stock when you yelled out like an IDIOT at the State of the Union speech. How dare you. How come time after time the people of this state have given you so much you picked up that dagger and voted on a bill you knew so little about? Why don't you just join Trump in dropping the chemical bombs on SC, certainly would feel like the same thing. Why do I, me, some women in a small town in South Carolina, know more about the damage this healthcare (minus health and care) bill than you do, AND YOU VOTED FOR IT TO PASS? This state could not even get you to up the Medicaid, at a time when people were dying at home because they had no insurance. Even to this day Lexington Medical Center will STEAL, YES STEAL, tax returns, homes, pay checks, if they are owed one dime. Lexington Medical Center makes people sign contracts that say the patient has to pay the difference of what they are paid from Medicaid and what's owed. Mothers giving birth are made to sign these contracts, and that I saw with my own two eyes. I am done, simply done. Wilson, why is it ok for you to visit your son in Afghanistan when he was fighting a war over there (that's what your secretary said every single time I called your office), yet veterans can't even be taken care of here? You and the rest of the Republicans that voted for this bill, I hope you pay hell living by it, I know we the American people will be.


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