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What's Congress Voting On? Week of May 1, 2017
by Countable
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  • Heidi

    I am very concerned about the latest proposed replacement for the ACA. The Macarthur-Meadows amendment appears to only make the bill more hostile to regular Americans like me. Regardless, there should be no floor vote until the Congressional Budget Office has a chance to review and comment on the amended. We all know the ACA needs to be supported and strengthened. Why haven't the Democrats pushed HR 676, and/or come up with additional solutions for strengthening the ACA? It looks to me that the Democrats are giving the Republicans the opportunity over and over to push their awful bills because the Democrats aren't asserting anything different and aren't communicating any new ideas to their constituents. The voters need something we can get behind and vocally support. What are you doing to push HR 676 and offer fixes to the ACA?

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