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Senators to Consider Strike on North Korea
by Countable
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  • William

    People who are against this strike who think it's "Trump being Trump" are sadly mistaken. It was expected North Korea would be the main challenge in foreign policy for the next president long before elections even started—Obama said so himself. They have been in the process of building nuclear weapons for decades, and as they become closer to the development of a weapon that can hit the United States, they are revving up war preparations against South Korea with the intention of reunifying the peninsula under Kim Jong Un's leadership. As defenders of our civilians and allies abroad, we CANNOT let this happen. We must put an end to the Kim regime. Please realize the stakes of letting this heretic have the ability to strike the US. Kim has ruled out diplomacy because his ability to threaten the USA with nuclear deterrence is what he sees as his only means of survival. We must show him and the world that this is not the case. For too long have we tolerated a threat to the very existence of South Korea and Japan's metropolises, and if we sit on our hands, it will soon be a threat to us us too.

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