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Changes to GOP Health Care Bill: What Do You Think?
by Countable
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  • Cathy

    I am not happy with the latest proposal by the Republican's for the replacement of the ACA with their version called the AHCA. It would appear that millions of Americans currently provided healthcare coverage under the ACA will lose that coverage. It's replacement will no longer be affordable for those low income or senior individuals as promised. Without addressing rising insurance premium costs, prescription costs, and medical expenses, it would create a return to basic needs not being met. Allowing for individual states to request waivers to the 10 essential benefits that are covered by the ACA would result in an unfair burden to those who can least afford it. I cannot understand why it is necessary to throw out the ACA when it could be revised. We are only talking about fewer than 10 percent of our population who buy insurance through the ACA. Most Americans get their health insurance through an employer. Are we truly this heartless as a society?


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