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by Countable
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  • JodyR

    The one thing very important to me is that whistleblowers should be protected. Americans have the right to know when there is something nefarious going on inside our government. One very good example is, of course Hillary Clinton, who thought she was above the law, with her famous emails, the Clinton Foundation's pay for play! We deserved to know if a dishonest person is trying to take one of the highest positions in the land! My goodness, she would of sold everyone of us to the highest bidder! I still can't get over what she did. All of it evidenced by what unfolded in the election. She still wanted it covered up, even after it was out there...makes me sick. Dishonesty, once it comes out should never be overlooked, it hurts this country worse then it hurts her. She was caught, and never once, apologized to America, just acted like it was no big thing. Stood right there in front of the American people, basically stating she had done nothing wrong, saying Comey found no secret or top secret emails, when that is not what he said. That brings me to another revelation...what was released by her carelessness, how much of the information had/has damaging effects? Do we know? Does anyone care??? Congress should answer this.

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