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GOP Health Care Fight Looming As President Stares Down 'First 100 Days" Deadline
by Countable
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  • Antoinette

    I wish we all could go to the polls and vote on each and every one theses votes. Why, because it seems we can no longer trust nor depend on our Senators or House elected officials to do what we elected them to do. I moved from a blue state to a red state. I was tested in NY for a rare disease that 1 in 1 million people have. I got the diagnosis the day we were closing on our new home. I have since divorced and on disability with 2 children. I only qualify for Medicaid. If this new bill passes, I'm sure they will cut my healthcare even more. They don't pay for vision or dental for me. They pay for 5 prescriptions a month for me. Thank God they cover my infusions every 3 weeks. If that is taken away, I will suffer greatly and quite possibly die. My disease causes my body to have full body spasms. Some days I can barely walk or talk. It is totally unfair that our elected officials, Senator Corker and his family have healthcare for life. While I fight for my life. I'm tired. Tired of the automated response I get from these posts. Tired of faking that I'm ok, tired of worrying about what is going to happen to me. Lights, sounds, and emotional stress make my body spasm. Senator Corker, if your wife, or daughters had severe full body spasms that left them bedridden and gasping for air as their chest walls spasm and bronchial tubes spasm, what would you do? Cut their life line and say too bad. Mr. Trump gave us no option. I've worked since I was 14. Sorry that I wasn't born into wealth. I led a decent life and made due. I moved to the state of TN hoping to make a better life for me and my children. I can assure you, I now question my decision. Red, Blue, the color shouldn't matter.. your damn conscious should. You believe in God, at the end of the day when you vote on this rushed, incompetent, inhumane, healthcare bill, what do you think YOUR God is going to say ? Good job! I think not. I believe he said " "And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'Matthew 25:40. So sleep on that before you vote! You have someone bigger than Mr. Trump to answer to!!

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