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GOP Health Care Fight Looming As President Stares Down 'First 100 Days" Deadline
by Countable
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  • fbrodya

    I have cancer and this so called health plan will bury people like me. By tacking on an annual $142,000 penalty on top of an insurance premium for people with imetastatic cancer, you will be signing their death warrant. Women who have an event free pregnancy will pay more than $17,000 on top of their premium for the privilege of giving birth. How is any of this not evil? At best it's merely cruel and discriminatory. By giving states the option of covering pre-existing conditions, I can guarantee you red states will choose to flush these folks down the toilet. When you read the list of what constitutes a pre-existing condition, at least one in three Americans qualify. This bill is far worse than the one before, and that one was terrible. You have got to stop trying to repeal the affordable care act. Work with Democrats to make it better. Take care of all your people, not just the rich.

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