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What’s the Lasting Impact of the Senate’s Filibuster Change?
by Countable
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  • David

    Our democracy, with all the checks and balances has been irreparably damaged. Instead of doing the public business, our government has descended into a condition where the parties run the country and not the will of the people. Only the powerful, wealthy and influential are heard. I am sorry, but in the next cycles, I'm looking for people with the spine to stand up to the partisan politics and represent the people. I am calling you out! Rep Desantis, Senator's Rubio and Nelson, you have lost my support. You have relinquished your credibility in my household. Neither the Democrats or Republicans our worthy of my trust. God help our country in these dangerous times. The future looks very dark from my viewpoint. I will continue to voice my views because I refuse to surrender my country because that is all I have, is my one voice in the darkness.


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