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Historic Debate Begins on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
by Countable
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  • Cathy

    I do not believe that the Senate should change the existing 60 vote requirement in order to elect Neil Gorsuch as our next Supreme Court Justice. In the past when objections existed to a nomination and there weren't enough votes to achieve election, a change in nominees was made. If the Senate majority uses the nuclear option and changes the existing rules, the Supreme Court would become nothing more than a political arm to whichever party is in control. That move would be entirely contrary to the basic precepts of our Constitution which established the three separate governing entities for a democracy. More than any government branch, it is critical for the SCOTUS to remain apolitical in order to fairly judge on issues of constitutional rights of the people. Politics should always be left at the door when decisions are made by this body of law. The concerns of opposition to Judge Gorsuch's nomination center on his established lower court decisions (one of which was recently overturned by SCOTUS) which demonstrate his leaning towards favorable findings of big corporations over individual rights. This is a valid objection to his appointment. Rather than make a mistake, why not find an alternative nominee whose court decisions demonstrate a more balanced approach. Using the "nuclear option" would only serve to achieve Steve Bannon's and Trump's plan to accelerate their stated deconstruction of our government structure. The Republican Party has already tainted itself as corrupt and "party first" over country to the point of the disillusioning a large part of the American people. Are you prepared to go down in history as the group who destroyed this country.

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