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The Senate is Taking Up Trump’s Supreme Court Pick
by Countable
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  • David

    It distresses me that a process for the selection of judges has become such a childish game of mine, mine, mine. Is the man qualified? Come on people! President Obama KNEW his nominee had a less than even chance of success. This whole drama was set up at the beginning. A long shot bet on the outcome of the elections, one that surprised everyone! Now it has become a tit for tat playground argument that adults need to step in and correct. Justices survive many administrations, regardless whether they are left or right. They serve the constitution, that's why there is an uneven number. Checks and balances, checks and balances. If he gets 60+ votes, then confirm him. If not, it fails and another is nominated. That's the process, not a political battle. Stop the childish behavior! You, our representatives and senators, are the root cause of the politicization of this nomination, not the nominee or the president. Do the job we expect. I can assure each of my Republican representatives, should you participate in the so called "nuclear option" my vote will go to your opponent next time, and to my Democratic Senator, I hope you will not participate in the filibuster, or your long and illustrious career will be decided in your next election cycle. Just as with any job, your bosses (your constituents) will fire you for substandard quality of work. We the people hold the true power and we are watching AND, most importantly, listening!


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