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Senate Votes on Abortion, Contraception
by Countable
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  • Monica

    It seems to me that the Republican controlled Senate has been extremely short sighted when it comes to pulling back much needed funding for women's healthcare. It doesn't seem to register with them that when we as a nation fail to provide much needed health services to our most vulnerable population of women and children, we create a domino effect that can have dire consequences for our country down the road. If a woman can't get access to basic gynecological care, we end up with an increase in rates of cancers and diseases that could have been treated early had it been caught in time. Hospitals end up with patients who cannot pay the cost of treatment, leaving these hospitals to grapple with a financial shortfall. If a woman can't get access to basic prenatal care, we end up with an increase in sickly babies who in turn grow up to be adults with disabling conditions that may have been prevented with good prenatal and early pediatric care. These adults end up costing their states a great deal of money if they are unable to care for themselves and contribute to our nation's workforce. If a woman can't get access to basic contraception, we end up with an increase in children who are neglected, abused or end up in foster care when it's clear that their parents can't handle the financial and emotional responsibilities of raising another human being. But these politicians unfortunately do not think in the long term. And they certainly don't think of the long term impact of these cutbacks because it does not personally affect them or their families. If it did, they would have a very different view of women's healthcare and would act accordingly.

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