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Senate Votes on Abortion, Contraception
by Countable
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  • gailnabity

    I don't think my comments to you will make a difference but I'm going to say it anyway! Please hear that the Republican dominated Congress have gutted any taxpayer monies to help women with all of the routine gynecological care that is desperately needed for those living in poverty or just the middle glass because this horrible recession has still not recovered jobs for us. And those available aren't paying a living wage for anyone! Men do not need care your their reproductive system like this. As a result they don't have these kinds of expenses on a regular basis. Women have routine checkups and with such a complex reproductive system we are in there for a lot of non-preventive care. To say nothing of the cost of contraceptive medications. Why are our men and male dominated legislators denying their women and unborn children the care that they desperately need at clinics that charge on a scale by income. If men could find better paying jobs with decent health insurance they can afford this wouldn't be needed. Should women die because men do not put any value on our healthcare needs? It's just a crime what this administration has done and continues to do to good women.

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