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Senate Votes on Abortion, Contraception
by Countable
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  • Hannah

    Womens health is simply nobody's business except the woman herself. I have been trying to calmly and rationally appeal to you but I am utterly baffled at this point. We should work to lower abortions numbers by providing accurate sexual health education and affordable access to birth birth control. Education and birth control IS how we reduce unwanted pregnancies. Refusing to pay doctors for other services simply because they provide abortions when needed is draconian. For the life of me I cannot wrap my head around the cognitive dissonance republicans must be faced with to fight tooth and nail for less government oversight and regulation but then turn around and demand that they be allowed to regulate women's bodies. Overturning rules that protect women's access to care shows just how cruel and mean spirited you are especially since this hurts poor women the most.

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