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House Committee Considers Resolutions Asking For White House Communications About Russia, Wiretaps
by Countable
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  • Cathy

    Since the House Intelligence Committee is unable to do their investigatory job on the Russian connections in interfering with our national elections due to Congressman Nunes' leadership failures, then allow the Judiciary Committee to conduct an investigation. I am absolutely appalled at the lack of ethics I see demonstrated by the Republican Party members of Congress by refusing to see this investigation out. If there is nothing to hide, then allow your constituents to get to the truth. If there is no collusion to be found between the Russians and the Trump Administration, then there should be no fear of the truth. No one, not the President or any member of the Senate or House, is above the law. Stalling only makes it appear that there is guilt to be shared and those who protect the guilty, will go down with those who are hiding the facts. The reality is, you in office serve us, not the other way around. The harder you dig your heels in to not do what is right will result in your downfall. If nothing else, history is a great teacher. Simply do your job, as expected, in an ethical and honest manner and obey the oath you took to protect this nation.


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