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What's Congress Voting On? Week of December 5, 2016
by Countable
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  • Mj1804

    Concerning election financing. I believe it would make another great constitutional amendment. Private donations to any election or appointment will be illegal. Whether from the candidates personal wealth or by any other means. All monies spent on any election or for placement of an individual into a government position will be with public monies. Taxes will be collected by states and the federal government to fund all elections. Federal law enforcement will oversee all elections, in all states, as well as the redistricting of all voting districts within the nation. The amount of taxes collected specifically for election purposes will be determined by a task force of state and federal officials. These funds will be kept separate from the general funds in all states and the federal government and cannot be spent for any other purpose. The monies collected within a state will be divided among all candidates during any election cycle. All monies collected by the federal government will be divided among all candidates during any federal election cycle. Each candidate will then be responsible for overseeing the expenditure of the funds they have been allocated to use for the election. Public oversight of each expenditure is mandated. Going over the allotted amount may be used as evidence of accepting private monies and will be punishable by a term in prison of not less than five years and not more than ten and the permanent loss of being able to hold elected or appointed office if convicted in open court. All candidates will provide their tax returns for at least the three previous years, for public preview and comment. All votes count, none may be disallowed except in an open court with two state and one federal judge presiding. This amendment makes all other laws and amendments about voting rights null and void, except the age at which a citizen may vote. inciting anger of a crowd at campaign rally's is to be considered sedition and punished by ten years in prison if convicted. If it be proved that a candidate did lie to the various assemblies of prospective voters, during or after a campaign, this too will be punishable by up to ten years in prison but no less than four years. All candidates that win office or are appointed to office will immediately divest themselves of all business endeavors, investments and positions, influential or not, and place them in a true blind trust run by and overseen by an independent third party and the federal government. They may sill own their homes and various properties but cannot run or have influence over how they are run in any way whatsoever.


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