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Trump Administration Issues Official Keystone Pipeline Permits
by Countable
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  • Bonnie

    Stop the pipelines. It's wrong to move this project from a white NIMBY location to Native American area which also opposes it. Destruction of land and lives at risk especially at a time when the EPA is being gutted and all possible forces to prevent environmental disaster are being weakened in the name of the dollar. 45 refuses to address conflicts of interest or release any tax returns. As he refuses to acknowledge his conflicts of interest or release any tax returns the plot thickens. Are you willing to make your 2018-2020 talking points for reelection 'why you supported this public meltdown of 45 for so long?' Defend your votes for not one, not two but All of his cabinet and appointments. When will you wake up and see this agenda as a threat to your career, your reputation and your legacy. Stop pandering to the party line and stand up for own future as well as ours.

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