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Three Questions About Russia and the US Presidential Election
by Countable
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  • Keith

    The fake President, who spends a preponderance of time lying to his constituency, engaging in blatant violations of the emoluments clause, engages in nepotism, lines his own pockets continually with his constant weekend vacations to a property where he charges his support staff to stay, libels a previous president, and who continually defers to Russia, needs investigation from top to bottom fir collusion with Russia. This ranges from electoral malfeasance to ongoing financial market manipulation such as with Russian oil company purchases that align with his administrations actions. There are far too many known connections that he and his administration have knowingly lied to the American people about, and the attempts by Republicans to deflect away from it only demonstrate how deep the collusion goes. Even now, they try to twist away from the content of leaks after repeatedly stating during the election that leakers weren't important, just the content. An independent investigator should be appointed immediately. Any of this administrations actions including confirmations should also be suspended until the investigation is complete to avoid further damage to this country and our allies that may be driven by collusion with an adversarial foreign power.

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