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Trump's Budget Blueprint Mirrors Reagan's From 1981 and More in Politics Today
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  • Jeanie

    Trump's budget is a disaster. Saying that it mirrors Reagan is frightening All the misery that has been showered upon us over the past 35 years started with him and has escalated. Tax cuts don't help the economy. Busting unions and war on the worker has resulted in a decline that is pushing us towards feudal times. All policies just make the rich richer. And we don't need one more dime spent on the military. They just discovered 25 billion in waste and we should take that away not give anymore. It is a disgrace to cut meals on wheels and the arts all while giving oil companies subsidies. We need to tax the wealthy based on their wealth so the money can shift back to the working population. Make it a 1% tax on their wealth per year (with first few million being tax exempt. And bring back the estate tax. You don't need more than 3-6 million first tax free dollars to get by. You didn't earn it so why do you get to keep it all? And of course someone on SS who makes over 20 K has benefits clawed back. Those collecting interest pay a small percent. This is not just or fair. Our Democracy Will crash and burn without a strong middle class.

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