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What's Congress Voting On? Week of March 6, 2017
by Countable
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  • Ann

    Looks like our new president and majority Congress has their big chance to overturn all President Obama's bills that have tried to safeguard us. So, let's get rid of the EPA, finish off those birds and animals, rape the land, pollute the air and water, end unions so that those few wealthy magnates can richer off the backs of the common person, and forget about educating our children so that they'll be so ignorant that they won't know they are being oppressed. I'm sorry. When I write a comment, I try to be reasonable, rational and use respectful language. But as I look at the roster of bills up for vote, and knowing what has already been passed, I just went berserk. I just looked out my window, and due to the recent windstorms, my flag is shredded, hanging on by one grommet and flying upside down. Seems like it's in sympathy with my beloved country right now.

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