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House GOP Leaders Release 'Repeal and Replace' Plan
by Countable
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  • Serena

    Repealing the ACA has a multitude of consequences. Without the ACA and all that Obama has done for healthcare, my early 20s would have been very different and very dangerous. After many years, I finally sought help for my depression and anxiety, as I was still covered by my parent's insurance. I also received cost-free birth control for my polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. I could see a doctor when I was ill and could take charge of my health without fear not being able to afford it on my retail worker salary. Now, as I approach 30, I think about my husband and I wanting to have a child down the road. If maternity care's cost skyrockets, this dream of mine to become a mother is all but dead. This would devastate me and would be taking away something that should be my choice; something that has been my dream since I can remember. Removing this act would harm many people in many other ways, but I wanted to put my personal story up and just one example. Do not repeal this

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