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What's Congress Voting On? Week of December 5, 2016
by Countable
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  • Alan

    To stop all the fuss about Medicare, Social Security and national healthcare. We should pass a constitutional amendment. The amendment would create two separate accounts one for insurance and one for retirement. that uses Medicare as the governor of national health care and Social Security for retirement. Taxes can be raised, not lowered, to pay for all of it, and including language that congress cannot use the trust fund for anything at all, ever. It could also have language that would create personal accounts, the percentage each citizen will pay into our account each pay period for insurance, and how much for retirement. And, the percentage the federal, and state, governments will match for retirement and health purposes. Medicaid will not longer be needed. Also at what age we can begin to receive a retirement stipend. The stipend would be based on what each has paid into the retirement account and what the State and federal governments had matched. An individual could opt to get a total payout, monthly payments, or some combination of each. I believe that 62 is good for early retirement and 65 for full retirement. Remember the majority of all the funds are from each taxpayer. This plan would skip at least one generation before being completely implemented. The current system would stay in place until then. This would not be a voluntary system, no one could opt out, including doctors or insurance companies, (insurance companies are exempt from anti trust legislation, therefore subject to public regulation.) Pharmaceutical companies will have to negotiate with the national health system for the good of the patient. It will still be lawful to save or invest personal wealth for health and retirement. There will be a system put in place to insure all doctors participate, though they may still see private patients, but not exclusively. They must see all national health patients that seek treatment at their place of business. Another way would to have each county, of each state, have a duty roster for all doctors and when they will be on duty at a county funded institution, or private hospital. All private hospitals will also be mandated to take all national health patients that seek treatment. Advantage plans will be accepted as a means by which insurance companies will be able to participate in the national health program.

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