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Should Congress Take Over D.C.’s Failing Metro System?
by Countable
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  • Thomas

    So, the D.C. Metro is failing? Who's fault is that? Could it be the politicians that set it up? Could it be the politicians that have covered its failures over the years? It needs upgrades because management hasn't been keeping up with the real world but if we give it money for upgrades it will take twenty years or more for any upgrades to be implemented. First the upgrades will have to be studied the the study's of the upgrades will have to be studied and then the committee will have to discuss it for years. "A nearly-$3 billion unfunded pension liability"! I have to ask just why in the name of all that is intelligent is this pension unfunded? Who are the idiots that decided to do this? This is not my problem, I didn't decide not to fund the pension so I shouldn't have to pay for it! Let those that caused the problem pay for the problem! "That’s why on Wednesday, Metro Board Chairman Jack Evans proposed a radical new solution: Have the federal government take it over." So now the head idiot wants to give it to a bunch of other idiots so they can screw it up even more! "Evans argued in the Post that D.C. can’t afford to fix Metro’s myriad problems and political fights on the board have prevented them from being able to fire employees and fix the transit system’s budget so that they can afford needed repairs." Let it go out of business and the problem will fix its self. "The D.C. Metro is the second-busiest transit system in the country, after the subway in New York City, according to a 2008 study. And hundreds of thousands of federal employees and contractors use the D.C. metro system every day,". Yeah, so what? If those hundreds of thousands of federal employees didn't show up for work I doubt we would notice much as they don't do much worthwhile anyway. It's long passed time to trim the fat and a good portion of the rotten meat from the federal government. Anyone that lives or works in D.C. and wants to save the Metro are free to donate as much of their money as they want but stop trying to take it from me!

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