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Three House GOP Lawmakers Draft Bills to Leave UN, Abolish EPA & Dept. of Education
by Countable
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  • Kathryn

    Wow, for the love of God. Where is the public interest? The federal government has not done a perfect job protecting the environment, providing world class schools, or keeping peace internationally but it would be a monstrous mistake to withdraw these programs. To speak on education, the federal government provides the bulwark of funding to public schools and our schools are already failing to provide excellent resources and teachers to schools. Reducing funding by more than half would surely hurt American families more than help. I teach what is best for my students, the federal government helps me, the federal government desegregated schools and helped expand STEM programs to much success in the 1950s. If you don't like what schools are like now it's because congress has failed to enact meaningful and relevant education statues. If it must go, leave a law ensuring equity across the states. But really, don't be overly partisan and frankly, idiotic. We developed a department of education for a reason. Second, about the environment. You might be dead within the next decade but my children won't and no way in hell I want them living in a world where companies and industry can freely pollute THEIR land. Thats what America is, the people's. It doesn't exist to be abused and used for profit, we live on this land and love it. The EPA sets baseline standards to keep lands safe, if you'd like to set laws in which states have to prove comparable protections for clean air and water, fine. But repealing protections for future generations is one massive FU to the American people and will not be tolerated. Lastly, the United Nations. America, you don't have the option to back out now. We are still Reagan's America, we are still a shining city on a hill. We care about democracy and protect it. You can't be weak and scared of the world out there if you want but that isn't and has never been the American way. We do not have a perfect past, but we have so much to fight for in the world and cannot back down now. Do you really think losing that power of negotiation is smart, letting China and Russia run the National Security Council? Hi, that spells war and rampant anti-Americanism. Thanks, but no thanks. So this crock of BS going through congress right now, fight it, be smart about it and get your head out of your party's ass and do what is right. Words are harsh because these laws are.


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